2013, running year review – event times

2013 has been a quite amazing year, an annus mirabilis if you like. I’ve entered 29 events across 6 formal event distances, recording 13 PBs along the way culminating in PBs over all 6 event distances set in the last quarter of the year. I achieved, and in many cases smashed, all my running targets for 2013.

800m opening PB none | target none | new PB 2:25.9
I have run 2 events to date, both at South London Harriers‘ Track Coulsdon Winter Series, one in November and one in December. Initially attracted simply by the opportunity to set PBs at new distances I find I’m actually relatively good at the shorter distances; 2:25.9 equates to an Age Grade better than all my longer distance PBs.

The Winter Series, a small informal meeting, continues monthly through to March 2014 and is a great opportunity for every day runners to run on an international quality track.

1500m opening PB none | target none | new PB 5:18.2
Both events to date were run at the same meetings as my 800m events and both within 15 minutes or so of the finish of the 800m. Consequently I’m confident that a significant improvement is possible.

5k opening PB 19:47 | target 19:30 | new PB 18:58
I have run 16 events this year, all but one of them parkruns. At the end of April, in only my fourth event of the year, I recorded my first PB of the season at Dulwich parkrun and immediately achieved my target improving my PB by 20 seconds to 19:27. At the beginning of June I improved my PB in consecutive weeks at Dulwich – to 19:21 – and then Poole – to 19:06 – finally achieving my current PB in November back at Dulwich.


5 miles opening PB 33:11 | target 32:10 | new PB 31:36
I ran just two events this year the first of which was the Ickenham 5 in September. The course seemed to be constantly undulating and from the outset I felt I wouldn’t achieve my target. I recorded a time of 33:00. Returning to the Perivale 5, the event at which I first raced 5 miles in 2012, I felt strong and fast and this combined with the almost perfect course – just a couple of sharp turns to spoil it – resulted in my new PB 🙂

10k opening PB 40:51 | target 39:59 | new PB 39:33
My longest standing running target, dating back to entering my first events in 2006, was to complete a 10k in less than 40 minutes. I ran 5 events in 2013 and recorded my first PB at the second of these at Battersea Park in June – I nudged my PB forward by 17 seconds to 40:34. After two more races in Battersea park in July and August at which I was disappointed to record times just over 41 minutes I finally achieved my target at the Brooks Brighton 10k in December. I felt strong and the event had been recommended to me as a fast course by several of my clubmates at Beckenham RC. They weren’t wrong and I really enjoyed sharing the moment with so many of them; both in the form of shouted encouragement en route and at the finish line.

half marathon opening PB 98:11 | target 89:59 | new PB 89:53
I ran two events this year. At the beginning of April I returned to the Bournemouth Bay Run where I ran my first half marathon in 2010 and was pleased to record a new PB of 92:29 in slightly windy conditions. In September I ran my first Ealing Half Marathon and experienced probably my most emotional race to date. I just dipped under 90 minutes to record 89:53.



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