running targets for 2014

My primary PB focus for 2014 is going to be on distances of 5k and shorter. I’d like to improve my 800m, 1500m and 5k PBs and, if the opportunity arises, set PBs at 1 mile and 3000m too. In addition I hope to improve my 5 mile, 10k and half marathon bests and, having failed to set a PB for 10 miles in 2013 as planned, I hope to complete an event at that distance too.

All my current PBs, bar one, were set in the final quarter of 2013 and hence at age 48. The exception, the half marathon, was set just a few days before my birthday and hence the AG was calculated at age 47. The AGs shown for the target times below are all calculated at age 48.

800m target 2:19.9 / AG 81.68%
current PB 2:25.9 / AG 78.32%
Measured by AG this looks to be a hard target, but having run a better AG in only my second 800m than at any other event distance to date, I’m confident.

1500m target 4:49.9 / AG 79.87%
current PB 5:18.2 / AG 72.77%
Since both events to date were run at the same meetings as my first two 800m events, and within 15 minutes or so of the finish of those, I’m confident that a significant improvement is possible.

mile target 4:59.9 / AG 83.51%
current PB <none>
My target time is chosen simply because I’d love to run a mile within 5 minutes. The AG suggests it’s going to require a performance significantly beyond all my achievements to date.

3000m target 9:59.9 / AG 82.52%
current PB <none>
Again the target time is chosen simply because I’d love to run 3000m within 10 minutes. AG suggests it’s likely to be about as hard as the mile target taking into account the extra distance.

5k target 17:59 / 80.72%
current PB 18:58 / AG 76.54%
Towards the end of 2012 I dipped under 20 minutes for 5k and set my target for 2013 at 19:30. Having gone well beyond that target this year I don’t want to make the same mistake again and so have chosen sub 18 minutes rather than sub 18:30 for 2014 🙂

5 mile target 29:59 / AG 80.04%
current PB 31:36 / AG 75.95%
Having reduced my PB significantly in 2013 sub 30 minutes does not now seem unreasonable although, given my focus on shorter distances this year, whether that is achievable in 2014 remains to be seen.

10k target 38:59 / AG 77.51%
current PB 39:33 / AG 76.40%
Having achieved my longest standing running target – to run 10k in less than 40 minutes – last year it seems reasonable to set less than 39 minutes as the next milestone.

10 mile target 1:07:53 / AG 73.02%
current PB <none>
My target time is directly dictated by my half marathon target since both require 6:47 mile pace or 4:13 km pace. My return to fitness permitting I hope to find a 10 mile race a suitable interval before the Brighton half marathon as part of my preparation for that race and to try out the pace required.

half marathon target 1:28:59 / AG 73.98%
current PB 1:29:53 / AG 73.24%
I have entered the Brighton half marathon on 16 February 2014 and am hoping that if I am fully fit the relatively flat course will enable me to achieve my target.



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