As of this post I’ve migrated my blog from blogger™ to wordpress™. As a very inexperienced blogger I doubt my reasons are as deep or well-considered as other users who’ve made a similar decision but, essentially I’m moving because I cannot cope with blogger™’s unpredictable – to me at least – text formatting.

No matter how carefully I copy and paste text, switch between “compose” and “html” views (the wordpress equivalents are the equally obtuse “visual” and “text”) I can’t consistently make all my text appear as I would like it. I’ve stripped out redundant html tags, removed all html tags and yet still blogger™ generates pages that casually change font style mid post regardless of browser. Given that I’ve made so few posts to date, this is my tenth, it’s been no big deal to migrate.

As a happy bonus the simple header image customisation option encouraged me to spend another inexperienced Photoshop Elements hour producing a header image from my finish at July 2013’s 10k at Battersea Park.



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