Is all well ?

On 30 December, anticipating my run the next day, I asserted “All is well …“. The ellipsis reflected my mood as I contemplated the following morning’s run hoping it wouldn’t be worthy of a post itself.

The next morning I returned home and my tentative state of mind appeared to have been just that. Three kilometres and I felt physically comfortable and psychologically relaxed to have resumed running.

Unfortunately the following day my ankle had swollen, albeit only very slightly, and was a little stiff and sore too. A further five days, making it 26 days since I sprained my ankle, and it’s no longer stiff or sore in everyday, non-running use and I’ll be running a gentle three kilometres again tomorrow. I’m aware that my ankle still isn’t 100% recovered, but I’m hoping that my psychological need to run won’t prove to be my undoing.

Will it prove apt to conclude this post title with a question mark or should it have been another ellipsis? I’d really like to return to my favourite punctuation, an exclamation mark, soon. We’ll see …



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