All is well!

Having stumbled out of 2013 and into the new year via “All is well …” and “Is all well?” I can finally use my exclamation mark with some confidence!

Following the last of those posts I took one more rest day, tied up my shoes and set out for an easy 3k. Running on alternate days I added further 6k, 7.5k and 12k easy runs and overall, though my ankle was still tender and didn’t like cornering much, particularly the first turn at the end of my street, I felt comfortable once I was warm. I made a point of focussing on my footing to ensure I didn’t confront my ankle with any twists or sudden changes of direction. Since that first week of 18 miles I’ve completed two further weeks of 29 and 31 miles and tomorrow morning will complete 32 miles for this week.

The last two weeks I’ve settled into my new weekly training schedule and successfully re-introduced a weekly tempo session. My ankle still isn’t fully recovered and this is most noticeable when stretching post run which emphasises that I still don’t have a full range of movement. After each run or two I can discern gradual improvement and having resumed running at about 92% to 94% recovered I think I’m now at 96% or 97%. Now the only questions in my mind are how close to 100% recovered, and how close to 100% fit, will I be for the Brighton Half Marathon on 16 February?

For the time being though, all is well!



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