Weight for it … [5:2 diet, chapter 1]

So one week into my renewed weight control efforts using a Fast Diet (5:2 diet) approach, things seem to be going well. Of course. It comes as no surprise to me that, having taken my previously private food struggles online and implicitly invited the world to hold me accountable, my self discipline has been all but flawless; food binges have not featured at all and my day to day discipline has been good.

day 1, fast – Tuesday
Starting weight 73.5kg. Porridge for breakfast, no lunch and a single poached egg on toast for dinner. I drank plenty of water throughout the day and had some noticeable sensations of hunger in the afternoon, but overall I felt that the day wasn’t that difficult.

On day 2, a normal day, I actually repeated my previous day’s breakfast and felt comfortable; not urgently compelled to compensate for the calories missed the previous day. During day 3 I decided to bring forward my second fast day to avoid it falling on a weekend.

day 4, fast – Friday
I repeated my menu and eating pattern from the first day; porridge for breakfast, no midday meal and a single poached egg on toast for dinner. I did feel a little more insistently hungry in the afternoon, but drinking plenty of water helped me through to my evening meal. At the end of the day I felt that it had been harder than the first fast and wondered, with just a little trepidation, how my third fast day would feel.

Saturday, eating normally, I enjoyed a fabulous morning in the local swimming pool with The Cyclist* and our two little girls and snuggled up on the sofa with them in the afternoon watching “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue”; any film is elevated watching it with two wide eyed little girls! We accompanied the movie with a huge saucepan full of home popped popcorn – just 475 calories – eaten between us. I didn’t check the calories in the accompanying raisins though. Later that evening whilst watching TV on my own; prime binge eating time, I sought out a two finger KitKat … ate only one and left the rest of the packet intact! I think that accompanying it with a coffee, not my normal habit, really helped.

On Sunday, between meals, I needlessly ate one of The Cyclist’s Tracker bars and, still in that “needless” mindset, was momentarily tempted to follow it up with peanut butter and jam on toast. I swerved to Marmite on toast just in time and, taking into account my light lunch, felt satisfied that I’d managed to remain on an even keel. Later that evening I found myself craving “something” … I quickly ruled out anything significant, briefly considered coffee, but in the end just drank water.

day 8, fast – Tuesday
Having weighed myself informally immediately after my day 4 fast I knew that, at that point, I’d lost significant weight, but of course at that time I had fasted two days and only eaten normally for the two intervening days; I still had to eat normally for a further three days to complete the week. Stepping on the scales after I woke up I recorded 71.9kg, a loss of 1.6kg; approximately 3½ lbs. Though if anything that is a little quick, I am aware that a first week often produces a larger than typical loss. Swapping my porridge for a more typical cereal and milk breakfast I stuck with my poached egg on toast for dinner eating it a little earlier than normal at about 4:00pm to ensure I didn’t fade walking my daughters to the park and back.

I’m looking forward to the coming week, building on my progress and thinking up further painful “weight/wait” puns.

* DC Rainmaker, whose blog I regularly read refers to his partner throughout as “The Girl”. I’m not quite sure why. So I’ve decided upon “The Cyclist” as the affectionate nomenclature for my most significant other.



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