Running again

I am finally running again. My ankle appears to be responding well to resuming and it seems that I have judged the time to move from resting recovery to active recovery reasonably well though of course further time will tell.

I set out for my first run in 43 days on the last day of April and completed a slow 2km as planned. Returning home, despite some soreness in my ankle, I felt relieved that my performance seemed to confirm I had chosen the right time to return.

Since then I’ve run a few times though no more than 6km so far. It’s strange, though not surprising on reflection, to find how much my fitness has dropped over the last six weeks of inactivity. I’ve found that my runs are significantly harder work as reflected in my heart rate being approximately 10 to 15 bpm higher than has become typical for my easy runs. Also I feel tired post run in a way that I have not done for a few years. I’ve included a parkrun, my fastest outing to date, but even then ran in the middle of my normal easy range at around 5:00 per km / 8:00 per mile.

I am wondering whether to reframe my targets for this year from the planned focus on distances of 5k and shorter to longer distances because, at the moment at least, it would seem that I’m going to need to rebuild strength and general fitness before adding speed. I’m also a little nervous about returning to the track since I sprained my ankle the second time.

The last 12 months mileage showing sprained right ankle on 10 December and again on 18 March.

The last 12 months’ mileage showing the impact of spraining my right ankle on 10 December and again on 18 March.



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