Success! [5:2 Diet, Epilogue i]

Those of you who have been enthralled by my recent series of posts (the precursors to this post being chapters one, two and three) regarding my attempts to control my eating and lose a small amount of weight will perhaps be disappointed that we are entering the epilogue. (For completeness the effective prologues “Can’t Weight!” and “Redemption?” should also probably be included as part of the canon.) However, I cannot contain my satisfaction a moment longer. I weighed in this morning at 67kg!

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Weight change from 25 March to 9 June 2014 achieved using Fast Diet approach to weight control.

Whilst 67kg is strictly short of my 66kg running weight goal, I decided this morning – a scheduled fast day; currently Mondays and Thursdays – not to fast and to adopt a practice of weighing in on each scheduled fast day and only fasting if I weigh more than 67kg. This formalises what I have been doing by feel over the past few weeks. On a few scheduled fast days I have either skipped the fast entirely or modified the day so that I have eaten a light breakfast and even lighter lunch as normal, but have then also eaten a light dinner rather than omitting it entirely as has become my habit. The Fast Diet book suggests moving from a 5:2 pattern to a 6:1 pattern as an option to maintain weight which is essentially what I have begun to do.

The last few weeks have been successful not only in that I have effectively achieved my weight goal, but also that I have not binge eaten either. As a direct tool for weight loss the Fast Diet has certainly worked for me. But more than that, and the core reason why I intend to continue fasting as part of my lifestyle, I have found that each fast day effectively resets and re-calibrates my physical sense of hunger, re-sensitises me mentally to my eating choices and reasserts my control over eating and my weight.

As of the last few weeks I am back to running around 20 miles a week and I’m aware that there is still significant recovery required; for my sprained right ankle which is still noticeably ill at ease in comparison to the left one, for my cardiovascular system as it adjusts to my renewed activity after 6 sedentary weeks and for my body composition; dieting as I have been and mostly without exercise I have certainly lost significant muscle as well as fat. I’m looking forward to returning strength, fitness and my next PB!



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