Garmin FR620 – race times from VO2 max

Garmin’s Forerunner 620 (FR620) uses profile and realtime HR data to estimate a user’s VO2 max. From this estimate, it predicts race times over four distances. This post reproduces (partially at present) the table within the FR620 from which it looks up the potential race times for each VO2 max value.

[Garmin’s subsequent watches supporting the VO2 max feature use the same table in their implementation – Epix, Fenix 2, Fenix 3, FR230, FR235, FR630 and FR920XT.]

FR620 VO2 max screen

I know I am colourblind, but that doesn’t explain why the screen colours in so many images of the FR620 are so much more vivid than the delicate pastel shades on the real one on my wrist. My wrist is hairier too.

The table below summarises data I collected from within the Garmin user forums and in particular via a thread I started to request data from other users. [If you are able to contribute any data not currently included please leave a comment here on this blog. The Garmin FR620 forum has now been archived and further posts to that thread are no longer permitted.]

vo2max to race performance

10 thoughts on “Garmin FR620 – race times from VO2 max

  1. That’s quite interesting. I had my vo2 max test done yesterday and I got 56, but my 5k PB currently stands at 20.16. Gives me hope!!
    I assume this is male-specific data?

    • Counter to what I originally thought too, it’s not gender specific. Collecting data from 620 users it quite quickly became apparent that the race time predictions the Garmin produces for a given VO2 max are the same regardless of gender. A little online research confirmed that this is likely since although males at a given level (be that elite or whatever) are able to run faster they do also have higher VO2 max levels due to the differences in physiology (essentially the significantly lower body fat percentage for males than females). So the correlation between VO2 max and performance holds true. Be hopeful! 😉

    • The VO2MAX estimation is mesured using cardiovascular parameters and his related speed in training, It’s independant of gender.
      The correlation about estimation of race times is presented by Garmin are standard but your race time depends of your running economy, in other words it depends of use that your physiology makes about this VO2MAX. The running economy has a genetic part but other part is also trainable, your VO2MAX level is great in Women!!!.
      The VO2MAX is genetic and only is posible improve it about the 15%-20%.
      But nevertheless, although is very important to have a high vo2max , no always the person who has the higher VO2MAX the winner of the race.

  2. Hello, I’m from Spain (Seville). I’m training very hard some last weeks, about 150-170Kms at week. Actually my garmin estimates 68 mL/Kg/min and I think that in the next week I’ll get 69.
    To add in the table the 10K estimation:


    • Hey, thanks for your comment 🙂
      I’ll update to complete the 68 set and look forward to you posting the 69 set.
      Great going on your training, do you have a race coming up?

  3. Nothing, Yeah, I ‘m training for the marathon to be held in Seville in February, but at this point I ‘m trying to make a good aerobic base . Also I will run in short races in the coming weeks . Sevilla Marathon is perfect for a PB because the weather is great and the course is flat, at sea level without slope. The race is well established for people cheering the runners . The year before I got my personal best of 2h44 but this year I want to improve it, but in these last days ‘m having some discomfort in the periosteum due to the volume and intensity in training.

  4. Here are Garmin race time predictions not yet in your table:


    These race time predictions are from a Garmin 630. I’ve just started jogging again after a long time away from running. Whether or not the Garmin VO2 Max is absolutely accurate, it’s motivating!

    Enjoy your blog.

    • Hey harpgirl, thanks for your comment; I agree with your thoughts on prediction accuracy and motivation. Thanks too for your contributions to the table, I really appreciate them.
      I hope your gradual return to running continues to go well and the contributions keep coming 😉

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