Emerging from the shadows …

This morning I ran 8.2k in just over thirty eight and a half minutes. I chose a slightly more challenging route than I have done in several months and found the final metres of the initial climb pretty hard work from a respiratory perspective. Whilst none of this is of particular note in itself, what is noteworthy is that this was my first run since spraining my ankle in March where injury recovery was completely absent from my mind throughout. This absence of thought reflects that symptoms too were absent; or at least so minimal that they were masked from my perception by the normal effort and sensations of running.

I had my third and final physiotherapy session yesterday morning (at Crystal Palace Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre) and even in advance of the session I knew my recovery was close to complete. Last week I was on holiday with my family in Cornwall and spent much of it on the beach. Walking over dunes through fine, dry sand to the beach each morning effectively gave my ankles a bespoke workout every day;  my physio’s advice was to work on ankle strength and proprioception throughout my recovery. I also took the opportunity to do some sideways running, again as recommended by my physio, when crossing the beach during the day. On three early mornings, before I heading to the beach, I completed runs of 8.4k, 9.4k and 10.1k on the road, each one successively becoming my longest since mid June, all without incident.

It was a tempo run in mid June which revealed my return to harder training then was premature.

I plan to complete a further two weeks of conservative running and ongoing strength work to put my injury fully behind me and then resume harder training. I am going to be careful when adding tempo and speed workouts back into my routine as it was a tempo run in mid June which revealed that my return to harder training then was premature. Right now I am feeling more confident and excited about my running than I have for almost five months and I am looking forward to adding some events to my all but empty event diary and exploring the impact of my recent weight loss on PB attempts. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Emerging from the shadows …

  1. I think you should do a whole 10k of sideways running. New race concept. More trail running for you I think. Great for ankle strength. X


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