… Into the light! Part 1

This is more like it! After an injury restricted year I am back in a thoroughly positive place. Having emerged from the shadows of a twice sprained ankle – December 2013 and March 2014 – I’ve been revelling in my renewed fitness since confirming my recovery in the early weeks of September. My enjoyment of running freely has been such that I’ve had to be careful not to overdo the mileage or intensity since the beginning of September. Bearing in mind that I typically train between 20 and 30 miles per week when fully fit, the last few weeks have been hard weeks. And I’ve enjoyed every moment!

week ending 20 September – 30.5 miles total

Sun 14 10.0k fartlek average pace 4:32/km
Mon 15 5.5k easy @ ~4:42/km
Tue 16 10.6k easy @ ~4:48/km
Thu 18 17.0k easy @ ~5:00/km
Sat 20 1.0k warm up
5k parkrun – Dulwich : 19:32

This week ended with a return to Dulwich parkrun, my home parkrun, with the goal of running between 19:30 and 19:40. In over six months this was my first event at anything approaching race pace since running my 18:55 5k PB in early March. I had only successfully re-introduced tempo runs in late August and done my first speed intervals the week before. In fact I modified my goal from “19:30” to “19:30 to 19:40” as I wasn’t confident that my speed had returned. It had. Having cycled 8k to the event I cycled a celebratory 31k home 🙂

week ending 27 September – 32.6 miles total

Sun 21 10.2k easy @ ~4:47/km
Mon 22 5.5k easy @ ~4:39/km
Tue 23 3.0k warm up
intervals – 5 sets of:
{3min @ HM pace (~4:11/km), 80s jog,
3min @ 5k pace (~3:47), 80s jog}
2.0k warm down
Thu 25 16.2k easy @ ~4:52/km
Sat 27 1.0k warm up
5k parkrun – Dulwich : 19:03

This week again ended at Dulwich parkrun. Following on from last week I felt confident this time that I would achieve my goal of a time between 19:20 and 19:30. I started out on pace and felt increasingly confident that I was going to be able to achieve my goal. At around 3.5k I felt confident enough to stop checking my pace and press on by feel. Even so I wasn’t running absolutely all out since my long planned 10k PB attempt was only one week away. To run 19:03, 8 seconds short of my PB, my third fastest 5k ever and in a non PB attempt was an amazing feeling.

week ending 4 October – 25.5 miles total (including, and tapering to, Bournemouth Supersonic 10k)

Mon 29 9.5k easy @ ~4:43/km
Tue 30 5.5k easy @ ~4:39/km
4 x strides
Weds 1 8.3k @ ~4:50/km
Fri 3 5.5k @ ~4:37/km
Sat 4 0.5k warm up
Supersonic 10k, Bournemouth

And so today my week ended at the Supersonic 10k, part of the Bournemouth Marathon Festival which was such a unique event it deserves a post all its own



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