Streak! – Advent running, day 1

Well, I already did The Naked PB

I came across @adventrunning in my twitter feed this morning, quite possibly via the ever popular #ukrunchat hashtag. Essentially the idea, presented more thoroughly on the website, is to run every day for each of the first 25 days of December, Advent calendar style.


In general I’ve decided against run streaks – running every day for an extended period – as I think they are likely to inhibit race performance. My understanding of training stress, recovery and adaptation is that rest is the key component to realising the potential for improvement created by structured training including all the necessary active components; easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, strength and speed work. Nonetheless the #adventrunning challenge extends over a sensibly short period, I’m currently running 5 days a week anyway, it’s a serious challenge to increase my blogging frequency and … It’s (nearly) Christmas!

day 1, 42 minutes running
My last hard workout before Sunday’s Perivale 5 mile. Feeling strong, fast and confident that I’ve not run too far, too fast 6 days from race day 😉

6:33am 2.9k warm up
6:48am 4.2k tempo @ 4:01/km
average cadence 191, average HR 152, max HR 158
7:08am 2.2k warm down


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