Distraction – Advent running, day 4

Today I aimed to repeat yesterday’s run, but closer to target pace. Yesterday I ran a loop I use regularly and as such acts as a benchmark; usually of my fitness, though in the last couple of days it’s also highlighted my concentration, or lack of it. Yesterday’s GPS track reveals a couple of mild diversions where I continued to follow the pavement into a side road before noticing and correcting. Today I managed to start my run in the wrong place, but at least once I got on route I managed to stay there. The cause of my distraction? Simply thinking about what to post alongside my run data when I got home.

Today’s run, setting aside the route variation, was closer to target than yesterday’s. In both I intended to maintain a consistent 4:40/km pace. Yesterday I set out too fast and ran faster than intended throughout. Today was much better.

day 4

average cadence 179
average HR 129
max HR 145

Advent running summary

total consecutive days 4
(2 less than 30 minutes)
total distance 26.7 km
total time 2:05:33
average distance per day 6.7 km
average time per day 31 minutes 23 seconds

2 thoughts on “Distraction – Advent running, day 4

    • Not at all, thank you for your question, I think it is about 171. That just so happens to be 220 minus my age and although I realise that rule of thumb isn’t reliable for everyone in my case it does seem to fit.
      I’ve not done a workout designed to produce a high/maximum HR recently, but I peaked at 165 towards the end of a recent 10k which would indicate it’s probably about right.


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