Moonlight – Advent running, day 5

I had a run planned for today and a post prepared to go with it. And then I changed my mind because of the moon.

As planned I ran later than I typically do so as to extend the window of rest since my previous run. And, as planned, I will be running early again tomorrow to maximize the window of rest in advance of my race on Sunday. So after getting dressed to run, I swapped out the battery in my heart rate monitor as my FR620 had been advising to for the last few days.

Except it turned out that the supposedly new battery was in fact a used one I had mistakenly kept and so I needed to go out to get a replacement. About 700m each way, but almost entirely walked with just a little jogging. Because I wasn’t on a run. I couldn’t be. Because (a) I didn’t have my Garmin recording my every metabolic moment and (b) I’m trying not to run too much before my race. On Sunday. Which I may have mentioned.

So walking, with just a little jogging, and feeling mildly self conscious since I was fully dressed to run in the cold, crisp evening – running tights with additional reflective safety bands on both ankles, base layer, parkrun fleece with yellow t-shirt over, yellow gloves and a black Gore beanie – I sauntered into the bright, commercially lit Tesco Express and casually browsed batteries over the checkout operator’s shoulder. Whilst walking home, I took the opportunity to look up into the cloudlessly precise night sky and marvelled at the moon and stars. And planes and suburban street-light glow, but you get the idea. And I decided to modify my route to include some relatively quiet, less well lit, non-residential roads.

Hence this post. And the following image …

… which wasn’t taken by me*, but captured from the excellent Phases of the Moon; a free Android app.

day 5, 35 minutes running

average cadence 172
average HR 125
max HR 137

Advent running summary

total consecutive days 5
(2 less than 30 minutes)
total distance 23.8 km
total time 2:40:34
average distance per day 6.8 km
average time per day 32 minutes 7 seconds

* Although it is the same Moon.



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