Tokens – Advent running, day 6

Running in daylight for the first time since last Saturday I dressed as I did last night, minus the reflective ankle bands, and this morning the extra layers were all definitely required. Partly because it was certainly colder this morning than it was last night – around zero degrees as opposed to about four, I think – and partly because there was quite a heavy frost with patches of ice which I had to tentatively pick my way through. I wouldn’t have been confident attempting to run any faster and the reduced pace combined with the shortness of my run meant I never got warm enough to contemplate unzipping the neck of my top layers or removing my hat as I did for the second half of my run yesterday.

So a token run today solely for the purpose of preserving the Advent running streak whilst waiting for tomorrow’s race. And a token post to accompany it.


parkrun finish tokens – I’ve rarely, if ever, been handed a finish token with a position this low …
[ photo 7t* ]

day 6, 17 minutes running

average cadence 172
average HR 113
max HR 122

Advent running summary

total consecutive days 6
(3 less than 30 minutes)
total distance 37 km
total time 2:57:28
average distance per day 6.2 km
average time per day 29 minutes 35 seconds

* Original photograph by 7t. Used with permission. Original image can be found within his blog post Dartford parkrun 13 – a strangely muggy October day, an awful run and a tech malfunction.



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