Re-focus and run (Christmas is over)

I really enjoyed my Christmas and New Year. From the first moments listening with my wife to our three and five year old girls investigating their stockings, through evenings in front of an open fire at my mum and Alan’s in Dorset playing games, to spending time with friends.

I enjoyed the food too; it seems to have become a tradition that I cook on Christmas day, beef this year, and my first attempt at Yorkshire puddings went surprisingly well. I was very happy to find chocolate coated marzipan in my stocking and amaretti biscuits under the tree. Throughout Christmas itself I doubt whether my festive eating was anything other than typical. My weight gain was minimal; finishing the year at 68.3kg and writing my 2014 review and targets for 2015 on New Year’s Eve I reflected that my weight had been “around 67kg and stable since June”. It seems almost all my Christmas calories were offset by some very enjoyable Winter running.

The New Year hasn’t been so successful in relation to food. With the holiday period long past, I’ve failed to draw the festive eating to a close within any culturally normal time frame. If anything my eating has increased as the holidays have receded. And saying that it has increased is of course a euphemism for binge eating. Last night’s binge was a generous portion of cheese and biscuits followed by a whole tube of Pringles. The previous night I finished the second half of a bag of marshmallows; notionally for use one or two at a time to accompany hot chocolate. The other tube of Pringles disappeared one afternoon last week. I’ve tidied up the remaining mince pies. There has been quite a lot of tidying up.


Almost all my Christmas calories were offset by some very enjoyable Winter running. The New Year hasn’t been so successful …

Despite running more than ever I’ve gained another 1.8kg in the first 18 days of 2015. Out of curiosity I calculated my base metabolic rate (BMR) for the sedentary version of me: 1,554 calories per day. Energy expended running this year according to Garmin Connect: 10,165 calories. The internet consensus seems to be that an additional 500 calories consumed per day for 7 days produces a weight gain of approximately 0.5kg. A little maths indicates an additional 700 calories per day are required to produce a weight gain of 1.8kg over this period. In summary:

BMR 1,554 x 18 days = 27,972 calories
running = 10,165 calories
weight gain of 1.8kg 700 x 18 days = 12,600 calories
TOTAL food energy required = 50,737 calories
DAILY food energy required 50,737 / 18 = 2,819 calories

Quite an achievement. Today is national euphemism day.

Running more than ever … The week ending today is my highest ever weekly mileage.

Last weekend I told my wife that I was giving up cheese and biscuits because, in that combination, they are always superfluous to my nutritional needs. I have eaten cheese and biscuits on two evenings since then. Earlier this week I made a bet with my brother in law regarding our relative weights. The stakes are measured in Amazon gift cards. I have broken the seventy kilogramme barrier, in the wrong direction, since then.

It is the catharsis of blogged confession I need to truly repent. So, time to get out of sackcloth and ashes and into my pyjamas for an early night. My running gear is laid out for a tempo run in the morning.

With apologies for bastardising Lennon and the spirit of the original …

So that was Christmas
And what have I done?
Another few kilos
I’m seventy point one

And so that was Christmas (now it’s over)
I guess that was fun (if you want it)
The cultural norm binge (now it’s over)
Re-focus and run (if you want it)



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