Highgate aspirations

A few days ago I saw someone tweet that they had just entered @HighgateHarriers’ “Night of the 10,000m PBs”. The combination of the graphic and the event name immediately had me hooked and I favourited the tweet so that I could return to it and investigate entry later.

Highgate Harriers 10000m

The graphic and event name immediately had me hooked.

One of the first things I came across on Highgate Harriers website was video highlights of the 2014 event …

Now that looked really exciting.

All but one of my races over the distance have been 10k road races the only exception being back in September 2007. It was a charity race, and just my eighth event overall, but had the kudos and excitement of being run on the track at Crystal Palace. I recorded 44:04; a mark that wasn’t even representative at the time as I had already recorded 41:08 on the road. In the last couple of years, as I have taken more interest in participating in track events, I have reflected on finding opportunities to run both 10,000m and 5,000m on the track to see just how much difference the speed conducive conditions might make in comparison to my 10k and 5k road times.

Of course my excitement should have been tempered sooner by the realisation that such an event would not be entirely open. I soon found details of the entry timetable:

February 22
entry opens to men / women who have run sub 32:00 / sub 37.30 respectively

March 15
entry opens to men / women who have run sub 33:00 / 38.30 respectively

April 5
entry opens to all who have run sub 38.30

There is no fixed closing date, entries will be closed when the race limit for 6 races is reached. Qualifying times must be 2014 or 2015, track or road.


My current PB, set in November’s Brighton 10k, is 39:04. I know that a further 34 seconds is a big improvement, but my current PB was a 29 second improvement on my previous best. So the only questions that remain are: Can I reach the qualifying standard in time for this year’s event or will it have to form part of my #50at50 series next year? And, even if I can reach the standard, will entry still be open? 😉



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