The semi rough

The additional impetus of writing Wednesday’s post helped ensure I made a physio appointment today. I was fortunate to be able get an appointment this afternoon.

The diagnosis is tendonitis of the Achilles and anterior tibial tendons. I have daily exercises to strengthen the muscles attached to these tendons and a further physio appointment in about a month’s time. In the meantime I can run, no more than 5k at a time, two or three times a week. Also, as advised by the physiotherapist, I am going to see the podiatrist who prescribed my orthotics, that I have been running with since 2010, to review their continued suitability.


Even choosing to post yesterday demonstrated that I had passed the lowest point in terms of feeling down about my running. The truly rough period was in early to mid June; although it never became a tangible decision I did contemplate the idea that I might no longer be a runner – that I might just stop. It was a difficult place to be. Now I am back in the semi rough. I am a runner. Who happens to be injured.


The rough

At the time of my last post I was contemplating my return to running the next day after a whole five days off. That was worthy of note since, as of the beginning of 2013, I set myself the target of typically running five days in every seven. Whilst this target has been compromised a few times due to injury – these show up as dips in my mileage graphs or as posts tagged ‘injury‘ 😉 – I cannot recall feeling so far from being a runner as I do now.

I did run as anticipated in my post and continued to do so on each of the final four days of April covering 3k, 5k, 7k and 9k all at moderate easy pace. But I felt my injury was getting no better rather, as the distance increased, it was getting worse.

I had a sports massage in early May in which the therapist advised that I didn’t have any muscle damage and that perhaps there was damage to ligaments/tendons. She advised that I should rest for at least a week and that I shouldn’t return to running on consecutive days as I had in April. She also advised that if there was not significant improvement after a month I should have a physiotherapy assessment. I let the week pass and ran on the eighth day of May. I ran a little harder than I should have due to my frustration at UK political developments that day! My injury felt no better or worse and so I decided to rest further.

I next ran on the twentieth of May and completed five runs, on non consecutive days, of 3k, 5k, 6k, 8k and finally 5k on the last day of the month. Unfortunately the final run was an aborted attempt at something longer. Which left me feeling that I was no further forward than when I last posted.

And now it is the first of July and I didn’t run at all in June. The first time since returning to running in February 2012 that I have failed to record a run in a calendar month. If I spend half a day on my feet shopping or even just jog briefly to meet one of my daughters from school I feel discomfort afterwards. I’m feeling low, my weight is slipping and I’m beginning to doubt that I could ever return to where I was just four months ago despite wearing the t-shirt today.

I know that either I make a physiotherapy appointment or quit.