The semi rough

The additional impetus of writing Wednesday’s post helped ensure I made a physio appointment today. I was fortunate to be able get an appointment this afternoon.

The diagnosis is tendonitis of the Achilles and anterior tibial tendons. I have daily exercises to strengthen the muscles attached to these tendons and a further physio appointment in about a month’s time. In the meantime I can run, no more than 5k at a time, two or three times a week. Also, as advised by the physiotherapist, I am going to see the podiatrist who prescribed my orthotics, that I have been running with since 2010, to review their continued suitability.


Even choosing to post yesterday demonstrated that I had passed the lowest point in terms of feeling down about my running. The truly rough period was in early to mid June; although it never became a tangible decision I did contemplate the idea that I might no longer be a runner – that I might just stop. It was a difficult place to be. Now I am back in the semi rough. I am a runner. Who happens to be injured.


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