‘We shall see’ addendum

Posting at the weekend about the imminent start of my #50at50 calendar I acknowledged that I was feeling more daunted than joyful in anticipation of the challenge ahead. However, as I tried to present as positive a version of the challenge as possible, it seems I subconsciously omitted two significant additional potential obstacles to achieving my goal:

I shall be starting an Open University course in October. I’m not anticipating that this will present much of an obstacle and in fact, perhaps naively, I’m hoping I’ll have the mental energy to study whilst physically recovering after my long run each Thursday morning. As my marathon plan begins to ramp up early next year this may become more difficult.

Perhaps more significantly I am having a procedure under general anaesthetic at the beginning of November to remove kidney stones. In response to the obvious question my consultant advised that I would be able to run again within a week. Currently I am planning to volunteer at parkrun in the week following the procedure to keep my #50at50 count going.

In both cases, we shall of course see. 😉


Fit for fifty

Suddenly my fiftieth birthday is less than a month away! I have been so busy being concerned about being injured that the day seems to have crept up on me. Recovery wise I am now feeling much better both physically and mentally. Yesterday I ran just over eleven kilometres – the furthest I have run since mid April – without incident and later had a physio appointment which also went well. As I type I am just home from swimming 800m and looking forward to my next run on Thursday when I plan to run a kilometre or so further than yesterday.

My fiftieth birthday also heralds the imminent start of my #50at50 calendar which, when I first thought of the idea back in January, was conceived as a joyful celebration of my fiftieth year and my running. Whilst my fitness does seem to be returning, from today’s perspective it looks a little less joyful and little more daunting. We shall see.

Understandably, the Cyclist has also expressed doubts about my abililty to participate in 50 events in a year and still be available for family life; not least because of the inclusion of both my first marathon and my first ultramarathon. We shall indeed, see!