Dinosaur tracks

Last Wednesday evening, in a team completed by my regular training partner Simon and his speedy friend Des, I ran in the Dino Dash Team Relay event at Crystal Palace Park. Simon and I ran the 2k to the park together and found we had both independently decided on a target of 11:30 for the 3km course loop. I met Des for the first time on the start line and the race started promptly at 7:30. Simon first, handing over to me and Des taking the final leg.

Dino Dash team

Post dash dinosaurs: My regular training partner Simon (centre), his speedy friend Des (left) and I.

Each of the three kilometres of the course had a distinct character; the first began on gravel, moved onto tarmac halfway and gained almost 40 metres in elevation ending at the high point of the course. The second kilometre began downhill on tarmac and returned to gravel at about halfway; losing most of the elevation gain in the process. The final kilometre was just slightly downhill, almost completely on gravel paths and included the only sharp turns and narrow paths of the course. (The first two kilometres form the majority of the Crystal Palace parkrun course where they are usually run in the opposite direction.)


The Dino Dash Team Relay event at Crystal Palace Park. Each of the three kilometres of the course had a distinct character.

Inevitably I found the first kilometre hard going, so much so that I was unable to take in any more information from my watch other than that my average pace was over 4:00/km, as planned, but slipping significantly beyond that plan into the four minutes and teens as I climbed. Even as I completed the first kilometre I already felt defeated by my target time. Gravity came to my aid in the second kilometre and I noticed my average pace for the kilometre in the three thirties as I passed the Rusty Laptop/concert platform, although my overall average pace remained just above 4:00/km. Entering the final kilometre, around the dinosaur lake, I lacked motivation and did not wring out the best time I could have in the circumstances. Partly this was simply because I felt tired – I think due to a combination of running in the evening and having done no running since the weekend’s parkrun. Also, I felt strangely disconnected from the other runners and the race itself. I think this was partly due to my being in a relay team rather than in direct competition with the runners around me and also because I was unsure whether there was official timing of individuals, as well as teams.

personal race data summary

official time 11:51
target 11:30 – 21 seconds outside
splits pace
4:16, 3:35, 4:00
approx HR
156, 161, 163
biometric summary average HR – 160
max HR – 167 (estimated personal maximum – 172)
average cadence – 188
approx start weight – 70.5kg
positions overall – 64 out of 282
gender – 60 out of 158

team summary

teammate times and positions Simon
overall – 47 out of 282
gender – 44 out of 158
overall – 30 out of 282
gender – 29 out of 158 ]
team positions overall – 14 out of 97
male – 13 out of 30
[ male, female and mixed teams participated ]


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