Goody Two Shoes (Brighton marathon training, week 3)

Three weeks of marathon training down and thirteen to go and I am feeling good; mentally and physically. And materially – two new pairs of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15’s were delivered this week. (If you use this shoe and live in the EU, there is currently a great price available, £55 UKP per pair at Start Fitness. This is not an affiliate link!).

Goody, two shoes!

Goody, two shoes! A pristine pair of GTS 14’s. (And two pairs of newly delivered GTS 15’s.)

My current pair of GTS 13’s now have 437 miles on them and so on Tuesday I unboxed a pristine pair of GTS 14’s and finished my running week in those. They should be perfectly worn in in time to line up at Brighton in April.

week 3 – ending Thursday 5 January

day* training
Sat 40 mins including 19:43 5k parkrun (4:26/km average)
Sun  54 mins including 21:55 5k parkrun (4:53/km average)
Mon (swim 1.2k, 34 mins)
Tue 35 mins easy (4:56/km average)
Thu 82 mins easy (5:04/km average)
total 2 hrs 46 mins (+16 mins versus training plan)
* The plan I’m using has long runs on a Sunday, as is traditional. I currently do mine on a Thursday, hence the shift compared to the snippet below.


Week 3 of the ‘2016 improver plan’ that I am using as a template for my training. [Available via Virgin London Marathon plans, devised by Martin Yelling.]

This week, primarily because I actually considered my training plan in advance, I have adhered to it much more closely than I did in the first two weeks.  This time I have run on four days, only slightly too far in terms of duration and despite the double parkrun of New Year’s Eve and New Years Day I am satisfied that I have not included too much intensity. With the latter in mind, I plan to volunteer rather than run at parkrun for the next couple of weeks.



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