Confidence (Brighton marathon training, week 7)

Another week of Brighton training is complete and my confidence is growing.

week 7 – ending Thursday 2 February

day* training
Sat 43 mins easy (5:05/km average)
Sun 12 mins easy (warm up)
5 x
2 min tempo
2 mins jog
11 mins easy (warm down)
(4:57/km average)
over all sets:
(4:02/km average)
(5:00/km average)
(4:58/km average)
Mon (swim 1.5k, 41 mins)
Tue 16 mins easy (warm up)
2 x
8 mins tempo
5 mins steady
12 mins easy (warm down)
(5:04/km average)
over all sets:
(4:10/km average)
(4:28/km average)
(5:10/km average)
Thu 90 mins easy (5:04/km average)
total 3 hrs 50 mins (+9 mins versus training plan)
* The plan I’m using has long runs on a Sunday, as is traditional. I currently do mine on a Thursday, hence the shift compared to the snippet below.

This week’s interval sessions felt easier than their counterparts last week although they possibly were in terms of the demands made of me. My target paces were again 4:30/km and 4:10/km for the ‘steady’ and ‘tempo’ intervals respectively and this week those didn’t feel as difficult to maintain.

I abruptly came down with a cold on Wednesday, around lunch time. I took paracetamol and ibuprofen and went to bed early, unsure if I would be well enough to run the next day. In the event I felt much better in the morning, although it was probably fortunate that my long run was a little shorter than last week. I certainly felt more fatigued towards the end of the run although I feel this was probably as much due to not using any nutrition during the run as it was to my cold.


Week 7 of the ‘2016 improver plan’ that I am using as a template for my training. [Available via Virgin London Marathon plans, devised by Martin Yelling.]



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