Event Counts

I have completed 154 events. 142 standard and 12 anomalous …

Standard Events
I define standard events as those for which age grades can be calculated. Those measured in metres, “m”, or denoted “track” are run on the track and those measured in kilometres, “k”, or miles are typically run on the road as are the Marathon and Half Marathon.

event count first last
800m 2 6 Nov 2013 4 Dec 2013
1500m 3 6 Nov 2013 5 Feb 2014
1 mile (track) 1 5 Mar 2014
5k 92 11 Aug 2012 25 Nov 2017
5000m 2 23 Sep 2006 15 Apr 2015
5 mile 4 2 Dec 2012 7 Dec 2014
10k 23 2 Jul 2006 19 Nov 2017
10000m 4 15 Sep 2007 3 Sep 2017
10 mile 1 1 Mar 2014
half marathon 9 28 Mar 2010 1 Oct 2017
marathon 1 9 Apr 2017

Anomalous Events
All non-standard events in terms of distance, terrain or certification I define as anomalous.

event count first last
Beckenham RC handicap 5 13 Feb 2013 9 Oct 2013
My running club‘s regular handicap course. Billed as 3.52 miles (5.67 kilometres) it includes two significant climbs and one quite steep descent. Significant for Beckenham, Kent at least.
Dino Dash 3k Relay 1 22 Jun 2016
A relay for teams of three held within Crystal Palace park on a combination of tarmac and trail. The 2016 race was the first to use a 3k lap for the event.
Thunder Run 1 23 Jul 2016
A 24 hour trail running event for teams or individuals running multiple laps of the 10k course. When I ran this event I entered as part of a team with my sister Cathy. Unfortunately, running-wise, it was a bit of a fiasco. I completed my first lap in 50:04 in intense heat and had to walk most of my second in 1:09:14 due to IT band related knee pain. As an experience though I thoroughly enjoyed it – from talking into the early hours with my teammates as they completed night time laps with head torches, to camping out with my wife and two daughters alongside my teammates. Camping is included in the race entry fee.
SSRC 4 mile fun run 4 28 Jan 2007 24 Jan 2010
A 4 mile race advertised as a fun run, but which – until I ran the 10k which superceded it – I had assumed had an accurately measured course. I am now assuming the race distance for this series of events is also inaccurate.
SSRC 10k fun run 1 25 Jan 2015
A 10k with the previously mentioned 4 mile fun run as its precursor. When I ran this event in 2015 I anticipated it would be an accurately measured course, but my experience strongly suggested otherwise.


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