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I returned to running, and would now say that I started running seriously, at the beginning of 2012. I started blogging in late 2013 and hence histories of seasons before this were written very much after the fact and potentially from a perspective that I didn’t have at the time. Seasons are presented most recent first, although it may make more sense to read them chronologically starting with the 2004 & 2005 seasons …

As at the latest snapshot below, dated 31 December 2016, my total recorded mileage was 5364 miles.


2016 season

mileage 2016734 miles, average 14.1 miles per week
22 events, 1 PB

Under consideration …
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2015 season

mileage 2015649 miles, average 12.5 miles per week
14 events, 2 PBs

Even as I set a new half marathon PB in Brighton in February I wasn’t entirely comfortable and, with hindsight, I now believe that my exceptional mileage in January precipitated the onset of Achilles tendonitis in February. This, and the prepatellar bursitis which followed it from September, ensured I ran no competitive times beyond April and that there were three calendar months where I did not run at all. Perhaps unsurprisingly my weight meandered upwards from 2014’s success peaking at around 73kg in July and ending the season at just over 70kg.
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2014 season

mileage 20141065 miles, average 20.5 miles per week
20 events, 7 PBs

Setting 4 PBs in 21 days in February and March – among them my first mile and 10 mile races – I knew I had fully recovered from spraining my right ankle in December 2013. I sprained it again in March and didn’t fully recover from this second sprain for four months. I took the opportunity to reduce my weight; from around 73kg in March to around 67kg by June; which I maintained to the end of the season.
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2013 season

1184 miles, average 22.7 miles per week
34 events, 16 PBs

I joined a running club, Beckenham RC, for the first time at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed the relaxed, friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
Unfortunately, I strained my left achilles/calf in mid February and didn’t recover fully until mid April. Nonetheless, if I hadn’t sprained my ankle in mid December I would still have comfortably completed 1200 miles for the season! Partly to cheer myself up and partly because my FR60 was failing I bought myself my third running watch for Christmas – a Garmin FR620 – and entered the GPS era. I also ran my first 800 and 1500 metre events.
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2012 season

2012 - 452 miles, average 8.7 miles per week452 miles, average 8.7 miles per week
16 events, 9 PBs

I started running again at the end of February and built up my mileage and fitness gradually. In August I ran my first 5k, a parkrun, and made it my goal to run sub 20 minutes by the end of the season. Ultimately I did this three times within the year peaking at 19:47. Eight of the nine PBs set this year were at a parkrun; the other I set when I ran my first 5 mile race.

I took a running course with The Running School during September, October and November and I believe this has significantly helped me since both in terms of performance and remaining injury free. Although I did suffer some mild ITB related knee pain which restricted my mileage a little in the last quarter of the year I have had no recurrence since. I attribute this absence of ITB issues to a combination of the modifications to my running style started at the Running School course and the orthotics I acquired in 2010.
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2011 season

2011 - 18 miles, average 0.3 miles per week18 miles, average 0.3 miles per week
no events

A seriously debilitating bout of sciatica incapacitated me for several weeks in the first half of the year.
My second daughter was born in August 🙂
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2010 season

caption 330 miles, average 6.3 miles per week
3 events, 1 PB

I struggled with knee pain throughout the first half of the year culminating in being forced to walk the second half of a half marathon in June due to the pain. (I ran my first half marathon in March.) Following restorative physiotherapy I had orthotics – essentially bespoke insoles that change the angle of foot strike relative to the vertical – fitted later in the year and have used them when running ever since.
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2009 season

mileage 2009217 miles, average 4.2 miles per week
5 events, 1 PB

I struggled with knee pain intermittently throughout the year, again addressing it only by stopping running for a period and then resuming. I bought my second running watch for myself for Christmas – a Garmin FR60 – which added distance and pace, measured via a footpod, to time and heartrate.
My first daughter was born in July 🙂
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2008 season

2006 - 473 miles, average 9.1 miles per week 473 miles, average 9.1 miles per week
4 events, 1 PB

I had some knee pain at times throughout the year, addressing it simply by ceasing running for a period before resuming. My running log is again rather sparse in this period.
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2007 season

2007 - 97 miles, average 1.9 miles per week 97 miles, average 1.9 miles per week
2 events, 2 PBs

I ran my first 4 mile and 10000m races. Beyond this, my running log is a little sparse in this period!
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2006 season

2006 146 miles, average 2.8 miles per week
6 events, 4 PBs

There were certainly more miles at the beginning of 2006 that are not recorded; lost to the same hard disk failure as data for 2004 and 2005. I’m pretty sure that the first run for which I now have a record, on 31 May 2006, was my first in a proper pair of running shoes – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 5 – bought in anticipation of my first race, the London British 10k, on 2 July 2006. It was also at about this time of the year that I bought my first running specific watch – a Polar S120 – which recorded time and heart rate. I continued to use to measure the distance of my runs. I also ran my first 5000m.
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2004 & 2005 seasons

I began running sometime in 2004 initially on a treadmill and subsequently on the roads. I measured my runs either from the time and distance displayed on the treadmill or a combination of the stopwatch function on my watch with on which I mapped my road routes. Unfortunately my run log for these early runs was lost to a hard disk failure. I estimate that my mileage was perhaps between 50 and 200 miles in each year.
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