I last posted ‘properly’ in this blog in April 2017 as I was tapering for the 2017 Brighton Marathon. The marathon didn’t go well and although that in itself wasn’t overwhelmingly disappointing, I couldn’t summon the energy to write a decent race report as I had always done up to that point.

blog hiatus
The absence of that race report contrived to stop me resuming my blog as I felt that I had to complete it before moving on to anything else. And that feeling compounded each time I completed another event and reasoned that there was now another blog post in the backlog. Although I did write a couple of posts these never felt like a return to form. My mental blogging block became permanent. Until now.

blog reset
I’ve finally given myself permission not to catch up on the now sizeable backlog of running posts. Not least because a few other factors have come into play …

running reduction
Initially my running continued as before – another marathon, more races, more PBs many of which I would like to blog about at some point – but in October 2019 I acquired my most significant running injury to date. Which sounds a bit dramatic now that I’ve written it down. It’s not, but I’ll come back to it. However as a result October 2019 to October 2020 was a period of attempting to recover from this injury; Resetting my weekly distance, gently resuming and increasing – distance and pace – but repeatedly having to accept that the injury hadn’t recovered.

running reset
In October 2020 I experienced a(nother) kidney stone episode which – whilst obviously not running related – effectively enforced a period of complete rest. By the time I ran again in March 2021 I had lost all my running specific fitness and … the injury still hadn’t recovered. I’ve not run since. Or rather I hadn’t until this morning but I’ll come back to that.

resumptions and retrospectives
I’m going to resume my blog. Or rather I have – this is it. Let’s see how I do ongoingly … Clearly I’m hoping to have the resumption of my running to blog about in the future as well as retrospective posts to cover some of the highlights – and lowlights – of the four years plus that have somehow passed since my blog was last properly active. Including of course all the things that I’ve said I’ll come back to. 😉

Oh and there might be … board games??


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